Past Residents

︎︎︎ Jan Henri Booyens
︎︎︎ Lawrence Calver
︎︎︎ Dora Dalila Cheffi
︎︎︎ Takunda Regis Billiat
︎︎︎ Gabriel Holzner
︎︎︎ Douglas Knesse
︎︎︎ Tusevo Landu
︎︎︎ Givan Lotz
︎︎︎ MSR FCJ
︎︎︎ Kundai Nathan
︎︎︎ Mongezi Ncaphayi
︎︎︎ Julio Rizhi
︎︎︎ Mhlengi Shange
︎︎︎ Nicola Roos

Who Can Apply?

The Cape Town Art Residency is an international program interested in talent and excellence from across the globe. We support emerging as well as established artists

In our endeavour to expand the horizons of art and to foster cultural engagement, we have developed an exceptional artist-in-residency program which offers the opportunity for creative production and exchange in one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world.

We are situated in the creative hub of Cape Town. The workspace consists of vast open studios with excellent light and high ceilings. We normally host two to three artists at the same time, and the accommodation adjoins an open plan living area with a fully equipped kitchen, giving onto a terrace with views of the neighbourhood.

During their residency which can range from 1- 3 months, artists are supported in their creative production, introduced to the vibrant local art scene, and given the opportunity to discover all that Cape Town has to offer - its peoples, vibrant urban and coastal culture, world class food, and beautiful scenic attractions.

At the conclusion of their stay, artists will have the opportunity to share their work with a broader audience, and the residency usually hosts an exhibition to further their engagement with the international art world.


We welcome artists of all nationalities. Due to our current facilities, the residency is suited predominantly to artists working as painters in various media, including fabric.

Candidate portfolios for the 2025 Program are currently being reviewed.

Deadline for all applicants: September 1st, 2024

Please read the below selection criteria carefully. Shortlisted artists will be contacted directly. Upon confirmation of offer, the exact dates of the residency will be discussed directly with each artist.

Selection Criteria

1. a) Artistic excellence: existing work that is compelling, with a distinctive voice and vision.


1. b) Artistic promise: each year we also select a few highly talented applicants with an interesting portfolio who have not had the material support to reach their potential as emerging artists.

2. Commitment in the application

·    a digital portfolio of between 5 -10 works must be submitted in good resolution to

·    a short biography of approximately 500 words
·    a motivational paragraph of no more than 250 words
·    any relevant exhibition history

If the applicant is daunted by this process, we make some exceptions based on a strong visual application and an online interview.

3. Impact

We preference candidates about whom we feel that the Cape Town Art Residency has the potential to play a significant role in helping them further their practice and/or career.

4. Engagement

Similarly, we are drawn to candidates who have a desire to exchange with other artists, art professionals, and the social context of the Western Cape through studio visits, community programming and other events.

5. Personal qualities

We welcome individuals who are open-minded, self-directed and motivated, and very importantly, kind and respectful.


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Cape Town Art Residency
9 Barron Street, Woodstock
Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town Art Residency
9 Barron Street, Woodstock
Cape Town, South Africa